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AX's Ultimate Stack?

For THOSE WHO HAVE TRIED THIS AND/OR the Gaspari Maximus Stack…what were ur gains & experiences?

i’ve done an oral cycle before w/ great results…used (halodrol 50) had my pct and all supps in order. Now i plan on doing AX’s Ultimate Stack: how does this compare to the Gaspari Maximus Stack…or does it?

was recommended:

Week1- PP 20 mg
Week 2- PP 20 mg
Week3- PP 20 mg
Week4- PP 10 mg, Superdrol 10mg
Week5- PP 10 mg, Superdrol 10mg
Week6- Superdrol 20mg
Week7- Superdrol 20mg
Week8- Superdrol 20mg
Week9- AX PCT X3 caps, AX Retain X3 caps
Week10- AX PCT X3 caps, AX Retain X3 caps
Week11- AX PCT X3 caps, AX Retain X3 caps
Week12- AX PCT X3 caps, AX Retain X3 caps

PCT: AX PCT, Retain, and some Nolva on hand incase

ALSO using:
-Perfect Cycle starting 2 weeks prior to cycle and all the way through.
-BSN NO Xplode pre work out
-BSN Cellmass
-have my protein powder and animal pak multi’s

what do you guys think (besides one’s opinion that orals are a waste of time)…are the dosages ok?

any suggestions/recommendations are welcomed.

thanks for ur time.

CALL THE BURN UNIT!!! CALL THE BURN UNIT!!! (here come the flames)

Not sure about the first part, but get rid of the BSN crap!

There are several articles on here saying how bad it is, and with going on an oral cycle you don’t need anything else taxing your system.

Just don’t. Please. Just don’t.