I have an opportunity do do a level III study with axokine to lose weight. Any thoughts on the pros or cons of this. This is pretty much a last resort for me. Thanks.

I posted about this shit on the roid side. It sounds killer. There does seem to be some issue with herpes simplex though. Don’t know your stats but I assume you’re big. Keep us posted man.

age, 43 5’11’’ 340lbs ex-jock, in ministry for the last 10 years.

Chuck - working in clinical research (Phase II through Post Market studies and knowing something about Axokine, it appears to be an effective drug that holds very good promise for those who do not get benefit from what is already out there. Also in Phase III right now is a cannabinoid receptor antagonist made by Sanofi Synthelabo. Good luck!

you mean like pot?

Doug, My interest in Axokine came thru my research into Leptin. Axokine boasts that it can pass thru the blood/brain barrier and that its action is similar to Leptin (ie reduced appetite, increased thermo action of fat cells, etc.). The Leptin studies indicate 95% of weight loss as fat (when the patient is receptive). If Axokine is as effective it may be the ultimate cutting tool. A med that spares muscle and burns fat!