Axle With a Belt

Training for a competition with a max axle. Currently, I don’t use a belt because I find that whenever I continental the bar I end up getting my skin pinched between the axle and my belt every single rep and hit hurts like a bitch.

I feel like I’d be able to hit some higher numbers if I was able to get the added support of a belt to help with my IAP, but haven’t found a way around this problem. Is there a trick that I’m just not getting? I’ve tried wearing my belt a bit lower, but same problem.

Is it just a matter of manning up and dealing with it?

Full disclosure, my continental form is terrible. That said, the axle leaving hickies is just a part of the experience. I’ve heard from some folks that double belting (soft belt under the power belt) can help out, but for the most part you just kinda get used to it.

With how my continental form looks like I wouldn’t dare to touch the axle without a belt. It hurts pretty bad to rest the axle on my stomach. But I think in my competition I am allowed to rest the axle on my belt directly which isn’t very painful.

There’s really no way around this that I’ve found. This is just one of the many pains of strongman you have to get used to if you want to get better at it. I can honestly say it doesn’t bother me that much anymore though. I’ve been competing for about seven years and regularly do axle.

Thanks. I figured the answer was to just suck it up, but figured I’d ask. Been using my belt the past 3 weeks when I’m working my axle and I’ve gotten pinched a few time, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I remember. In the end it’s worth it for the heavier weights.

If using a soft rehband belt (either by itelf) doesnt do the trick, I suggest trying a belt that is softer than a traditional powerlifting belt - for example, a spud or a scheik belt. It’s very likely not the leather part of the belt that’s hurting you, but the buckle, so any belt that eliminates that should be more comfortable - or you oculd even try turning your belt around. Unfortunately, I’ve found the level to stick too far out in front of me, so that’s out.

Holy cow, good to see you posting again dude.

Hey, thanks man. Was just sitting around bored, thought I’d check in, haha. We’ll see if it becomes a habit again

Try pulling your continental higher. I started pulling to just above my belt and ended up missing the turnover along with getting my gut pinched in my belt. When I teat the continental more like a clean instead of a deadlift/row thing I land it at the base of my sternum now. I don’t get pinched and the turnover is pretty effortless to get it up to the front rack.

Are you cleaning the bar from the ground to your stomach, or from a deadlift position to your stomach? You may want to try deadlifting the bar and then sitting down a bit and popping it up to your stomach - this generally gives you a bit more pull than coming straight from the floor and would also make it easier to switch your grip mid-air if you wanted.

Here is an example (video):