Axle Overhead Press vs Normal OHP with Fat Grips?

I don’t compete in strongman but I have a pair of fat grips and wonder if using them on ohp would be of any use. I’ve seen Brian alsruhe do axle bar ohp and I was wondering if it is different to a Normal bar in any way

No real benefit, especially if you don’t compete. Just get strong on the barbell.


With respect, since you’ve actually done this for awhile and I’ve never actually used an axle: I thought one advantage of the axle (which could maybe be mimicked with fat gripz) would be that it’s a little easier on the wrists versus a thinner barbell. Just in case that matters to the OP.

I find the increased ROM as a result of using fat gripz on a regular diameter bar a not worthwhile tradeoff, as now you are putting more pressure on the shoulder.


I find strain much worse on an axle. Any movement by the weights isn’t absorbed by rotating sleeves so it ends up being sucked up by your wrists. Fat grips wont have this issue.

If you think you might want to compete in strongman then it is probably worth getting used to having something thick in your hand.

If you know you want to compete in strongman then youre most likely already used to this :sunglasses:

If you’re a powerlifter, I’d get onto the fat gripz asap - especially if you compete with a deadlift bar. You need to transition from something thin, long and floppy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you put an oly bar with fat gripz in the front rack position, the part of the bar that sits across your shoulders and throat isn’t thicker. This increases the strain on the wrists or shoulders in a front rack when compared to an axle (or oly bar sans fat gripz).

I really can’t say that this is true in my opionion. For me at least it is the other way around. Especially when dealing with heavier weights.

I’m the opposite of you guys. Axle feels much better on my wrists & elbows versus a regular bar.