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Any of you guys had any experience of AXIS HT? I?ve heard some people tell say nice things about the product and I was pondering about going to give it a try. Unfortunately, here in Europe it seems to be overpriced; - about twice as expensive as TRIBEX. Can it be worth it?

No one? Enver heard of it?

Since I know there are very knowledgeable people on this forum I conclude it is just bogus.

you want to know is it overpriced? i’ll say yes. because i’ve use both AXIS HT and TRIBEX. i’ve got no result from AXIS HT, but at least, i’m experiencing result from TRIBEX, but i don’t know how to tell you my result. sorry about that.

This is made by BSN which is a company enjoy the success of mass marketing! Ronnie Coleman is there poster boy. So they have to charge more money to cover the marketing costs! And unfortunately its not good. I dont speak with experience though I just take the feed back from my supplement supplier.