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Axiron to Test Cyp, But Dr Seems CLUELESS


30yo, 165lbs, in good shape. Using TRT to help mostly with anxiety, brain fog, depression, lack of focus and motivation.

I’ve been on 60mg/day (2 pumps) of Axiron daily, for over a year. At the end of October, I moved out of state and wanted to further cut costs so I spoke to my new doctor (GP) about switching to injections. She agreed and told me she was going to call in the script.

In the meantime I started researching going from dosing everyday to spread out doses but the script of Test Cyp I just picked up indicates a once monthly injection of 200mg. Based on what I’ve read about Test Cyp injections, this dosage is too low and way to infrequent to return any sort of TRT benefits.

Right before I went into see this new doctor I had bloodwork done to test my levels. The catch being because of the move out of state I had run out of my Axiron script for about a week and half. The morning before the blood work I was worried my levels would be super low so I pumped out whatever was left in the Axiron tube (~45mg or 3/4 dose) and applied it to my underarms.

The results came back with my total level at 780ng/dl. The results were posted to the Dr’s office web portal and don’t provide any more info, ie. free test. I was very surprised to see numbers this high as I’ve never been over 550 total in 4 tests prior. Could the fact that my body was deprived of the Axiron for 12 days and then supplied with a dose the morning of the blood work, result in a spike of testosterone in my bloodstream?

This labs -normal- range for testosterone is 241-827ng/dl when Quest Lab has a 250-1100 range for normal so I’m wondering if the 780 result is being viewed as too high and therefore explains the paltry 200mg 1 x a month dose I’m set up to receive.

If you take my 60mg daily dose of Axiron and figure ~15mg is absorbed (low end estimate) and multiply that by 30, I’m looking at 450mg / month.

Now take the 200mg injection and subtract 30mg for ester weight and I’ll be receiving slightly more than 1/3 that amount (170/450 = .37), not to mention it’ll be asked to carry me an entire month.

After my initial blood work showing 180 total testosterone, I’ve maintained a 450-550 level on the Axiron. I’ve noticed improvement but feel like the benefits have been gradually fading the longer I use TRT. However, now that I’ve been off the Axiron and waiting for my injection dose, I definitely notice drops in concentration and motivation and ability to sleep. Point being I want to get this dosage right and not have to bicker with the Dr. over the course of months on why her dosing schedule is too low/infrequent.

TL;DR: I’m looking for info that would explain my high testosterone levels despite stopping the Axiron as well as info on how to approach the Dr. when I go in for my “monthly” Testosterone Cypionate injection this week.


Transdermals are typically 10% absorbed at best.

Injected is 100% absorbed, but yield is about 70% after ester groups are stripped off.

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