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Axiron Prior to Sex?


I have a friend that has a couple bottles of Axiron (transdermal test) that he's going to be tossing out since going on injections because it didn't do much for him.

He offered it to me but I have no use for it since I'm not on TRT or anything else for that matter, but was wondering if would have have any positive effects if used on occasion just prior to sex for example. Would it even give you a noticeable bump in mood or test levels just temporarily?


I haven't studied transdermal testosterone specifically, but in general with transdermal drug delivery aside from a very small percentage of rapid initial delivery (via pores in the skin) there's a lag time of several hours before higher delivery rate occurs.

So no, right before would not be the time to use it.

As to whether it gave you a noticeable benefit if used say 4-8 hours before, response to androgens in this regard is very individual, so the only real answer is try it and see! There's a real chance.




Might give the missus a boost if you rub a teeny bit on her :slightly_smiling:


Lol. Ok thanks for the responses guys.

Brickhead, I was curious why you seem pretty certain it would not. I notice from your other threads you're pretty knowledgeable about TRT, amongst other things. I was assuming along the lines of Bill Roberts that similar to a fast acting injectable test it might give you a little oomph so to speak if taken a few hours ahead of time.


I agree with Brickhead.

In my experience using a transdermal "as needed" doesn't work. I have tried it and if anything find that it depresses libido for a day or two, but YMMV.