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Awkward Training Schedule!


Hi all,

First let me explain my situation, I am recently seperated from my wife so I spend certain nights with my children and I take care of my youngest child (9mths) each morning while my ex goes to work then in the afternoo/early evening I go to work.

Ok I have bored you enough.

The problem is I can only get to my gym on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday nights.

So after everything I have read I know that you should really have a day off between session but I was wondering if the following could work or would I end up doing more harm than good?

Monday-Upper body
Tuesday-Lower Body
Thursday- Full Body

Any help and advise is very welcome, and so very sorry if I bored you with the first part of the post




I would suggest doing
Monday - Full Body
Tuesday - Interval training + mobility
Thursday - Full Body



OP, your schedule should work fine.


you schedule looks fine i use to do something like that and it worked for me
i did monday:upper


NO. Just.......................No. OP, your structure looked good. I dont know what muscicma1n1 saw wrong with your setup.


Well thanks for the responses I am glad it seems like an ok setup as Im going to be starting it tonight, 1st visit to a gym in about 18 months so here goes nothing


Your plan will provide a good structure. I've done similar to fit around a Wednesday sports commitment in the past. The important parts are sticking to it and training hard.

Good luck.


Monday: ME Upper

Tuesday: ME Lower

Thursday: RE Upper

Westside for Skinny Bastards template from part 1 or 2 or the "Washed up Meathead" template from part 3 can easily be adjusted to fit the above schedule.

Cardio can be done immediately after training or on your off days if you have time. Play with your kids, go for a bike ride, be active, play tag, etc.