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Awkward Shoulder Pain

lately i have noticed some pain in my rear delt…it kinda feels like the pain is under the rear delt…when iam doing rotator cuff exercises my left rear delt gets kinda pumped and hurts…the right one is just fine…it also hurts while benching…anybody expericend something like that?

Actually sounds a lot like the problem I’m just getting over with now. I felt the same pain in my right rear delt and would randomly feel a really sharp precise shooting pain. What’s been working for me is doing a lot of rear delt work. Before any upper body day I’ll start off with some rear delt exercises and some real light broom stick stretching. Learning how to bench like a powerlifter also did wonders for my shoulders. I’m no expert by any means but I think it’d be safe to say take a little time off working anything that hurts your delt then start up nice and easy with a good amount of rear delt and rotator cuff work. I hope this helps I know frustrating a injury like this can be.