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Awful Squat Problem.

Lately, I’ve been working on my squat form and I notice in the mirror I always seem to lean on my right leg as I go down with the weight, I feel like I am pushing 75% with my right leg and 25% with my left.

Is this due to me being right side dominant or should I spread my legs a bit more. If so, how far apart is the rule of thumb, I’ve watched some video’s but its semi difficult to tell.

Just don’t lean so much on your right leg.

Have you been unbalanced with your legs your whole life?

Try some unilateral exercises to make sure you’re training each leg equally.

Some good unilateral exercises: split squats, barbell lunges, leg extensions with 1 leg, pistols(if you can do them).

Find the imbalance and begin correcting it. Do not overload your back squat to the point that form breaks down. Keep squatting, but use a weight low enough to maintain good form. Focus primarily on the unilateral exercises until your leg strength starts to even out. Once that happens you should be able to start increasing your squat weight more frequently.

Plus what MC sp3 said -> overhead walking lunges really helped me with my imbalances.

Yeah, split squats / one leg deadlifts are the devil, but they do stop you from having a dominant leg (and I think they help with joint stability and sport stuff too).

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do the one legged exercises (1 leg squats/pistols, deadlifts, calf raises, etc) starting with your left side. Only do the right side exercises up to the same total as your left side ie: 8 or 10 on the left, then the same number on the right (then do the rest of your sets the same way).

Eric Cressey’s articles also are worthwhile reads.

Two things to keep in mind when working your legs hard, get them elevated for about 15 minutes after the workout, and if you can apply ice after, do it.