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Awesomesauce +5


I've been working the 5/3/1 for two cycles now. I'm loving it. Word up. Thanks mucho, Jim.


Thanks Ben - the slower you "progress" the faster you will make gains. Trust me. I've seen in thousand of times and it works if you are patient.


+5 more. I've been making slow and steady, injury free, progress with BBB. Sore, sure but I keep feeling stronger. I'm going to start my freshmen football players on it. If they stick with it, wow. Four years. I will have to read through my 'Beyond 5/3/1' to see the part where there is a large chunk of the year planned out.

Simple, effective, and not a lot of decision making involved. Low rep range helps too-any more than five and they start looking at the volleyball players and forget about the weight on their back. "Come in, you do only these exercises, with this much weight, and you add this much at the end of the cycle."