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Awesome Youtube Comments


Some comments are just pure gold. I was watching this video of Matt Kroc doing kroc rows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiH8BAK92Yk&feature=channel_page

and came across this:

Theres no point to 33 reps, you don't gain from doing that many.

I'm an Exercise Science major studying exactly what you guys think you know about resistance training, but are clearly wrong about. There are no significant gains after 20 reps. It's purely an aerobic activity. And lets cover this, what is strength training? ANAEROBIC

Just because someone has muscle mass and can lift that much weight doesn't mean they know the science. Lift now, but I gaurentee you wont lift your arms by age 50.

post any other good ones you come across.


There are fewer things more pointless in life then writing, and even reading youtube comments.


i find youtube comments a refreshing way to rekindle my hatred of humanity


I find people who want to post youtube comments on another message bored a way to rekindle MY hatred for stupidity...




I find it retarted how -5 rated comments get blocked now.


theres one on the same video of matt rowing away and he says somting like his forms shit and that them rows are doing nothing and hes just showing off.