Awesome Workout/ Recovery system!

Stumbled on to a great system of workout/ recovery today. I’ve always worked out in the morning, then come home and feel sluggish for an hour or two, wasting precious working time. If I didn’t take a nap, I’d feel like shit throughout the day- most likely due to the Ephedrine before the workout. But, I’ve changed to working out at night, just before going to sleep. I head to the gym on my dymetadrine at around 9:30, workout, suck down the PW concotion in the car- (can’t wait for the Surge to come out baby!) home at 10:45 take the ZMA, 30 minutes later some cottage cheese and Advanced Protein, and between the dymetadrine, the workout, the PW drink and the ZMA, I’m knocked out cold for 7 hours, and wake up refreshed! No lulls thoughout the day. I feel like I’ve gained an extra 2 hours per day. I highly recommend it!

I much prefer the evening workout too, but I avoid working out too close to bedtime. I can’t sleep because I’m too “up.” I used to workout at midnight when I was in college because that was when there was hardly anyone there, but I went to bed at 2:00 am, so it didn’t matter. I’m glad it’s working for you. Many other people told me that working out right before bed actually helped them to sleep. Oh well, to each his own.

Yeah, thats what I love about it- it puts me right out. Also, I figure that packing in the nutrients and getting to sleep will help the recovery along quite a bit.

Another thing I forgot to add, but is a significant part of whats great about this is that because of the podst workout drink, I no longer have the cravings for bad foods late at night. I used to be temped by Lime Tostitos when I would sit and watch the Howard Stern show. MMMMM Lime Tostitos.