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Awesome Work Out

I had an awesome work out today I thought I would share.

I did a romanian deadlift-power clean-front squat complex and ran a lap in between. So, I picked up a barbell, did a romanian deadlift, without setting the bar down I power cleaned it, then front squated it. Thats one rep. I repeated without setting the bar down until I did my reps.

I ran about 300 yards or so (A hair shorter than a regular 400m track) in between.

I used a light barbell and I suggest you do the same, as I felt like I was about to burst by the last set. That was the whole workout, try it, you’ll like it.


Was this a “workout” or a “TRAINING session?”

Just curious what the goal in mind was.

Well, I suppose there are technical definitions for the use of the terminology, but I would guess it was a training session.

I’m trying to increase my endurance and speed specifically for 5K distance. I also figured it was a pretty decent GPP and body composition session.

Tomarrow will be geared more specifically for strength, with no running whatsoever.

Thanks for the interest.

Sounds like a crazy GPP workout.