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Awesome Talent, Band Just Signed


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE �?? JULY 19, 2007 The William Morris Talent and Literary Agency today announced they have signed celebrity rock supergroup SCRAP METAL as a client, and will represent the rock supergroup worldwide.

�??SCRAP METAL offers an unprecedented collection of musical talent in one unique act,�?? says Agent Keith Sarkisian of The William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills. �??Collectively, the artists in SCRAP METAL have sold over 50 million records worldwide. For William Morris this is a unique opportunity to represent such a strong and highly marketable celebrity artist group.�??

Members of SCRAP METAL, a who�??s who of multi-platinum lead singers and front men, include Kelly Keagy of NIGHT RANGER whose number one rock hits include �??Sister Christian�??, �??Don�??t Tell Me You Love Me�??, and �??You Can Still Rock In America�??; Eric Martin of MR. BIG whose number one hits include �??To Be With You�?? and �??Just Take My Heart�??; Gunnar Nelson and Matthew Nelson the twin sons of Rock�??n�??Roll Legend Ricky Nelson, of rock group NELSON whose pop/rock number one hits include �??(Can�??t Live Without Your) Love and Affection�??, �??After the Rain�??, and �??More Than Ever�??; and Mark Slaughter of SLAUGHTER whose penned number one hits include �??Up All Night Sleep All Day�?? and �??Fly to the Angels�??.

Artist Representative John Gimenez of The William Morris Agency in Nashville adds, �??William Morris has long been the leader in representing the best and most successful acts in the music industry, and SCRAP METAL is no exception. They have a proven track record in the music industry. William Morris is focused on a strong, long term relationship with these successful artists.�??

�??Now, with William Morris at the helm, we have the added strength to further navigate this amazing celebrity supergroup strategically & successfully. It�??s a perfect match,�?? confirms Doug Merrick, Manager of SCRAP METAL. �??This is a show of back to back hits that keeps the audience on their feet for an entire show!�??

''I couldn’t dream of a better agency to represent a project as ambitious as SCRAP METAL. I’m thrilled,�?? enthuses band co-founder Mark Slaughter.

�??William Morris has proven that they know what it takes to combine forces to make one plus one equal a million,�?? says co-founder Gunnar Nelson. �??Not to mention they just flat out kick serious butt!�??

�??The William Morris team is amazing worldwide and they have definitely earned their long-standing reputation for being the All Stars of the Talent Industry with their industry topping successes. It’s a perfect fit for SCRAP METAL,’’ adds band member Kelly Keagy.

Founded in 1898, the William Morris Agency (WMA) www.wma.com is the largest and most diversified talent and literary agency in the world, with principal offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville, London, Miami Beach and Shanghai.

SCRAP METAL is scheduled to headline the upcoming MELODIC ROCK FEST (Melodicrock.com 10 Year Anniversary Concert) in South Bend, Indiana October 6th.

Visit the SCRAP METAL fan website at www.myspace.com/ScrapMetalBand.

How can this be good news for anyone? The world has not been screaming for a Night Ranger / Mr. Big / Nelson supergroup.

Who cares what the mass public likes; it’s not about that.

Btw, Gazoo was gay, oh, I’m sorry…you didn’t know??? OMG.

Who cares what the mass public likes; it’s not about that.

Btw, Gazoo was gay, oh, I’m sorry…you didn’t know??? OMG.[/quote]

This band is all about capitalizing on subpar 90s pop-metal bands that collectively had about 5 hits. It is a marketing concoction designed to squeeze a little bit of money from, what for it, the mass public. SCRAP METAL is the logical successor to the Monkees, as long as we’re talking about pre-fab bands. Except, of course, the Monkees actually released some OK songs.

I’m sorry your musical tastes are so pedestrian. But hey, you can find homosexuality in a 60s cartoon character,so how dare I trade barbs with your rapier wit?

Shit, give 'em a tv show on VH1 and watch their celebrity non-status rise to most watched prime time show. Watch as they roll to the red carpets and get pictures taken by the stalerazzis working for the rags.

If they’re on TV, they’ll have popularity in no time.