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Awesome Success on TRT!

I was training since 19 and now 25, and stayed around 180-190lbs at 13-15% BF. I have myofascial pain disorder and trigger points all over my back along with a whiplashed necked and at 23 a pain doc pretty much said I’m f*cked and needed opiod treatment for pain for life, which ended rather bad… 3 years witout any exercise I was 240lbs, very high BF% and oh yeah they found out that even after I stopped opiate treatment my total T was at 110-190. I also had mumps as a kid and that may permanently damaged testicles and reduced T levels permanently.

Now after 2 months on Axiron my T levels were at 550 and 450 at about midday, not early morning when I applied the gel. My endo thinks my morning T is higher at maybe 600. In 2 months I went from 240lbs to 211lbs (24.4%), but that includes coming off opiate treatment which slows down metablic rate BIG TIME and also lowers T and increases progesterone and oh I was taking this bad bad anti-acid cimetidine which slows down break down of estrogen by inhibiting a buttload of liver enzymes. I was also on a buttload of other meds that reduced T - benzos supposedly and pregabalin. It was pretty bad, lol, but I am done with all that.

I also take a non-amphetamine stimulant Nuvigil at 250mg, which was forbidden from use by athletes because it improves performance, focus, memory. I need because I get very fatigued from pain, for which I take SNRI Savella which mostly ups norepinephrine, not serotonin and reduces overall pain sensetivity, helps lifts, but my back still hurts like hell. I am also bipolar type II but not taking anything weight gaining for it. I know that is a buttload of chemicals, but none really did much until I started TRT.

I am losing fat fast on a good cutting diet, but my strength is greater than ever before. Within 19 days of every day and sometimes 2 times a day working (lifting + cardio), I went from burning 300 calories on eliptical in 30 minutes to burnin 500 and not be dead tired like before. My lifting strength went up some. I was benching 155lbs max at 190lbs and months of “bulking” and yesterday I did 175lbs 2 times on and 3d one I needed help. I am not sh*tting you. I feel like for a while I will experience some muscle gains and strength but as long as I cut it will eventually stop and possibly go down until I bulk.

I want to go down to 10% BF and then bulk some. I could never do it before and now I am unemployed and with TRT I feel confident I can do it. T is great! It did make my testicles rather tender, gave me a nearly permanent erection and desire to get rid of it by constant mate-seeking. I feel like I am going through puberty second time! It does feel like its a bit too be true, but it either is or I can’t count weights and cardio machines lie.

You are a poster boy for a lot of shit. I don’t know where to start.

You need to learn a lot. The stickies are not nice to read, they are really important.

Least cost TRT:
Injected testosterone ethanate or most often cypionate 100mg/week in divided doses, twice a week or EOD.
1mg anastrozole per week in divided doses, taken at time of injection. [can be inexpensive if not Rx]
250iu hCG SC EOD

hCG will preserve your testes and prevent possible sterility.

Transdermal T delivery is expensive. At best you will absorb 10%.

Yes, cimetidine is horrible. Its OTC and is an endocrine disrupter with no product warnings.

Some of the things you feel with TRT are transient.

Your estradiol [E2] levels are probably high and limiting your results.

Carefully read the advice for new guys sticky.

Congratulation’s for overcoming your obstacles.I have been on narcotic pain med’s aswell.The narcotic lower’s your boi-available testosterone.Some pain management clinic’s prescribe testosterone to their patient’s,especially the one’s on methadone. You made great gain’s so far.Keep it up. My only caveat would be is Easy doe’s it?? This a a lifestyle,not a diet/cycle. all the best john