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Awesome Strength Vids



Jesus if I see ANOTHER link to that first video on here again I'll scream.

THat must be about the millionth time it's been posted.


205 bitches!


Yeah it has been posted a lot, but you gotta admit, it's still damn fun to watch it. I find that if I watch a few of these video's and have a big lift the next day..it really focuses my mind and I look at the whole picture and seem to do better and have a strong concentration.

I don't know if anyone else has this? It's kinda like you train around strong ppl their going to push you so you will get stronger as well..and with the video's, just pretend it's like that.


Damn, Diesel Weisel is lookin hella SWOLE


he's only 19.


that whole family is strong like bull


That kid is fucking incredible. I think everyone's expecting big things!!

In other news... At a recent university testing session in England a 17 year old 102kg (220lbs ish) pound kid did this....

Snatch 110kg (250lb)
Clean and Jerk140kg (28olb)
Squat 235kg (525lb)
Bench 160kg (390lb)
Deadlift 272.5kg (610lb)

ALL UNEQUIPPED.. I think that's pretty fucking exceptional!!

Randy HAyes is his name. Remember it.