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Awesome Strength Vids





Already posted not too long ago, but still an incredible video.

Very motivating.


Damn......That was good stuff, thanks!


FREAKING awesome! Thx!


Here's another one that someone else posted not too long ago too:


jesus fuckin christ

from NOW ON when I go workout I am watchin one of those videos. Hell I want to go gym now. DAMN GOOD THREAD


Awesome yes. But now I feel like a sissy. So much work to be done....


anybody know who the guy that front squats 440 and then is shown backsquatting 240 kilos with ease is? just curious as he didnt look that big but made the weight look like nothing.


If you mean those two guys from the beggining of the tape, then first one is P. Dimas (200kg front squat), and I think that the second one is S. Botev (240kg for 4 or 5 reps in the back squat).


those front squats...damn