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Awesome Strength Compilation Vid


not sure if it's been recently posted.

holy. shit.


Wow.that is some inspiring shit.That spotter at 4:19, wtf is with those oragutan arms.That was weird.
There's still going to be people ragging on the form of some of those lifters.lol.I can think of one or two right now.Dedication and sacrifice right there.Never gets old.Good link.


If that doesn't motivate you to go train I don't know what will.

Great post, many thanks.


Thanks...for confirming that I am a weakling. Bastard.


wow great video; i feel inspired and depressed lol


awesome vid


The chick pressing 2 plates +, 90% of men should be ashamed.


that dude at 1:50 basically did a small amount of hip pop and leaning back to get 500lb from chest to overhead... amazing.

90% of men? shit... more than that no doubt in my mind. My best press is 175.


Doesn't that look like MMeat at the 1 minute mark.


Man I saw that spotter in Massechusettes also at the NERB...the guy is absolustely massive lol.


man i especially love the first strength feat compilation vid, with the music and shit oh man..pumps me up so much everytime.
this shit inspires so much, why wouldn't someone want to take steroids to reach their full strength potential!

aside from that is that a before pic of you holy macaroni? lol


^ Looks like it was taken before he started eating fetuses PWO.


oly lifters are amazing

i gotta give credit to anyone who weighs like 140 pounds and is putting 300+ OVER THEIR HEAD FOR REPS!!!!!

plus its pretty cool to be able to drop 400 pounds and have it bounce everywhere, BA


haha yeah, me in highschool.

i was the cool kid.


hahaha in highschool too!! oh damn..i definaetly woulda kicked your ass haha just playin man. you made some awesome progress, good shit.


Is that # 2? I've seen strength compilation 1, 2, and 3. Right now, I can't watch on youtube cause the PCs here in school blocks the website. I think I've seen that one before. If I am not mistaken, there's some light looking middle eastern dude doing some sort of drop snatch type of thing where he squats deep, and when he pops back up, he presses the weight overhead... And the weight is 315 pounds!! I bet the guy doesn't even weigh more than 200 lbs.


Cool vid. How bout this one:


Not strength training but always gets me motivated to train.


They finally got number three back!!

It was temporarily banned due to some complications...

The first is also back, but has no music.



Truly an amazing video. Thanks Wushu, for sharing!


i cant even deadlift and squat in the same week

these dudes do it in the same lift.