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Awesome Story for PWI: Bob Menendez Corruption Trial

The Bob Menendez Corruption Trial is very interesting to me. I thought it would be a much needed change of pace.

What it has: A senator, a rich Opthometrist, campaign contributions, quid pro quo, private jets, international hookers, a SCOTUS ruling, possible open Senate seat, Medicare fraud, weaponized justice department, a rich guy and a politician actually being charged. Fun for everyone.

What it doesn’t have: Obama, Trump, Hillary, Russia, Twitter, North Korea, kneeling, racism, riots, IP.

Enjoy, discuss.


Yes it lacks those things, but it still has an eye doctor involved, sooooo… :wink:


Can we also include the corruption in the NCAA? Coaches taking bribes, Adidas paying 6 figures to kids to go to certain collages. Already have coaches getting fired and recruits bailing.


"April 2015: Menendez temporarily steps down from his position as the top-ranking Democrat on the foreign relations committee as he fights the charges.

His supporters immediately zero in on the benefit Menendez’s resignation could have for Obama: As a Cuban-American, Menendez vociferously opposed Obama’s olive branch to Cuba.

There’s no proof the indictment was in any way connected to politics. But its effect was tangible in the political world nonetheless: “The net result of the indictment was … that a legislative check was removed from the Obama administration’s foreign policy,” Harrison said. “It raises the frightening idea about the politicization of the Department of Justice.”"

Scary stuff, and eerily similar to charges of the IRS being “weaponized.”

" In a separate criminal case, a Florida jury finds Melgen guilty of stealing up to $105 million from Medicare " … and this just makes my blood boil.

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What? Corruption? New Jersey Politics?

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It is an interesting story for sure, but I’m not quite sure how to start an argument about it.


Well here’s food for thought. How many politicians are this crooked? And how the hell do they get away with it for any length of time?

How do you use your pull as a senator to get visas for underage hookers? How does that conversation with ICE go?

THAT crooked? I’m not quite sure. Just plain crooked? Probably most.

Through cunning and cynically exploiting their position would be my hunch.

Probably the same way you get visas for any other child.

Poorly, I’d imagine, unless we circle back to corruption.


Some more insight into the NCAA case

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