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Awesome Potential Here!


I found this video on youtube and thought it was great. :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out the Kroc rows at the 1:00 mark.

Sorry that i couldn't post the video, but the link..


That video sucks. This should not be in this forum.


man, i didnt see the "..not" and i was like WTF? especially that 495lb bench attempt at the beginning, WTF was that? the thing goes right down on his chest, he had no chance at pressing that! these guys cant even lockout 495lb on a deadlift, WTF are they doing trying to press it...even if that was supposed to be a "negative"!


These guys are a bunch of douchebag and I would enjoy beating them with a barbell. Nick W. post here and from the second I saw him I knew he was a fucking douche, and now I have the video proof.


the worst thing is that some people will actually believe them.


Bunch of kids trying to act like the pros. I don't get it.


Let's hope it remains rare footage


However, I do have to hand it to these kids. They're fucking committed. Good for them.


I dont get it. OP are you jealous? Youre about the same age as these guys. Where are you pics or videos showing what you have done?

Considering one of the kids in the vid posts here I think its pretty ghey to call someone out without having your own stuff up for comparison. Unless youre in to anonymous mocking, then do your thing. loser


I hope that's a joke, it looks so gay...


yeah pretty sure that video is supposed to be a joke anyway


I'm not going to say that i'm stronger than these guys, because i don't own a video camera to record things. so i could say anything, but i won't. I posted it because of how they were doing things, it just seemed odd to me. i do have a picture of a squat of mine, but that's all that i have the ability to upload.

EDIT: Actually I do have one video. It's a video taken of my by a friend at my first meet, like 2 weeks ago. the weight is 451.9lbs @ 172.5lbs. Not much, but something.


and BTW the posting of the video wasn't meant to harm anyone, i could never make a video like that and post it for the world to see, so kudos to that. =)


From the youtube comments, it seems like people are taking these clowns seriously.


I swear... Not everyone in CT is this lame... :frowning: