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Awesome Photo. Real or Fake?


Reasons I posted this:

a) Is there any way to tell whether this is photoshopped or real? I'm shit at fguring stuff like this out. It would be awesome if real, as I know a teacher who wants to use it in a lesson. Something about working hard, striving for things, growing etc. Can ants even lift/stand like that? Is it fucking posing? I dearly hope its real, though my instincts suggest not.

b) Military press is awesome.

They pulled it from 9gag, and it is rightly entitled "Like a Boss"




Photoshopped. I mean, what are the chances of an ant framing itself against the sun for a photographer like that?

It's quite nicely photoshopped however. I've been doing photomanipulations as a hobby on and off for a few years and have to admit that this is very nicely done in it's simplicity.


Oh...but ants can indeed stand on their legs like that.


Hah, yeah. The first red flag was the framing of the whole thing. I've seen weird enough things at wildlife photography competitions but this would be another level if real. Thanks for the info.

In any case, the teacher will use it to teach some parable.


well the ant can be superimposed on the background, is the ant pressing the stick real?


I doubt it. More than likely the ant is moving a leaf or something in the original picture. The ant, branch, sunset and rock all look like seperate elements. Actually, the rock is possibly part of the original sunset image and the ant and branch have been added, but I highly doubt the ant is overhead pressing a branch. More than likely it is forming a bridge with other ants or carrying something useful.


Are you suggesting that overhead pressing a log isn't useful? It could win an olympic medal judging by the picture. Pretty useful in my book.


Lol...well, not useful to a creature that can naturally shift up to 20 x its own weight. ^^

Attached is a ant-bridge photo, as an idea for what I would look for if I was making a similar PS as above.


That's incredible. The teamwork is awesome.


To those simply saying it's fake because of the framing of the ant against the sun, all the photographer would have to do to line that shot up is move him/herself around the ant to get that type of framing.

One of the main ways you can tell it's a shop job is the fact that the ant and the sun are perfectly exposed. Without flash, the ant would be a silhouette. With flash, the photo would look very different.


i do'nt think the back 4 legs of an ant can be in that position


Well...AND get the ant on to the mound to hold the pose while he got the shot just right. Not very likely let's be honest. =P

But astute point on the lighting! :slightly_smiling:


If you check out the ant bridge photo I linked above you can see a couple of ants are actually in that pose. The pose itself isn't in question really. Ants are crafty and maneouverable fellas.


I agree the ant can be in that pose. I think the ant is actually climbing up onto something rather than lifting something like a leaf. It would be pointless for an ant to maneuver something into that position.


We determined that it was training for the Olympics. So there's definitely a point to the pose.

But thanks everyone for clarifying. Its a bitch that this isn't real, but a good PS job in any case.


That's what struck me. If the sun's behind the ant, the rock and stick should be dark or dingy, rather than brightly lit by a much whiter light. Plus ants carry/lift things in their jaws, not feet and couldn't lift that much anyway.

And then there's the other pictures on this page: http://andrei-71.livejournal.com/141155.html