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Awesome New Conan Trailer



Damn that was cool!!


wow! this movie isn't next emo shit!!! niiice!


Wow... now if only the entire movie was like this and the boy was the main actor. Something about the first trailer completely ruined it for me but hopefully the movie is more like this trailer.. course.. trailers lie.


First trailer was ok - the subsequent ones were better. I really like this one. And I'm cool with Momoa as Conan - he looks suitably jacked on-screen. Looking forward to it, but who knows - it could still suck. Perlman as Conan's father is a nice bonus. : )




Please. Please don't let this be a cock tease of a trailer.




HAHAHAHA that was fucking awesome! =D


I should read again my Conan encyclopedia. Getting pumped!


I wasnt planning on seeing this after seeing the first trailer. But this may change my mind. Arnold will always be Conan though. Always


Fuck yeah, not enough R-rated movies nowadays.




I've been psyched for this movie ever since this scene:

and then even more after this one:


And then he ends up catatonic and smothered by his woman... :frowning:


...She did try to bring him back to life with a blow job.... Sadly that's not how CPR works.