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Awesome Hang Clean Form


That's probably around twice his bodyweight and he received it on tippy toes! I bet none of you could do that.


I've done 150kg...weighing around 89kg.



On tippy toes?


No. I value my ankles.



This guy values neither his ankles nor his wrists (based on how he receives the bar)

I mean, come on, how can anyone compete with someone who is willing to f00k their body up for the sake of a sh1tty ass high school hang clean comp?

Awesome!!!! lol


He's strong, but he sucks.


It's too bad that many of these high schools and colleges bastardize these movements and rush past the technique development phase. Many potentially good lifters waste valuable time doing stuff like this.


What made this impressive was the burpee at the beginning. At least I think it was a burpee.


Burpee - clean - pushup. What an athlete. Still no Pat Tracy though.