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Awesome Gyms


Apologies if there is already a thread for this.

This week I was away in Melbourne where I visited a gym called "Dohertys gym".

It was awesome. It was located underneath Flinders street train station. Trains were constantly going over the top ceiling adding to the atmosphere. The layout involved 3 long "subway" rooms (think ninja turtles).

As I was struggling with the last few reps on my squatting a train rolled over the top of the ceiling, making me think "be like a train bird, be strong like a train!", and I managed to finish off my last few reps!

Feel free to add your stories of inspiring and awesome gyms.




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The place I train at on Saturdays - The Commando Temple, in Deptford (London)

Taishan Olympic bars and plates, full racks, biggest collection of strongman equipment in the south-east, competion KBs and proper DBs up to 75kg, circus DBs up to 75kg, gymnastics equipment, 50 places to do pullups, everyone there is committed to training like animals.
This Saturday, I'm aiming to flip the 350kg tire 50 times within 50 mins. Then the week after, I'll have a crack at the 510kg


on MD there is a video of Antoine Vaillant working out at in a WWII bunker that was converted into a gym. Place looks pretty hardcore. Its called Muscle Gym in Cologne, Germany.


Where's the pic's???


planet fitness



bird, think you would have got those last few reps at a golds gym or a planet fitness gym?


Golds Gym Mecca, in Venice California.

I went last week for a change of scenery, definitely worth it.


Trained there for a few years.




I know that gym, it is amazing. Slightly off-topic but Doherty's is known as a professional body-builder's gym. The main branch as it were is in Brunswick (north of Melb.) and it's 24 hrs. There's another branch too I think, forgot where but still in another Melbourne suburb.
So if you're in the north, insomniac and want a gym go there. No trains though.

Love your description of your experience. :slightly_smiling:


I know I brought it up in another thread but I love this place. His commercial is just terrific.