Awesome Guitar Duo (Rodrigo y Gabriela)

Recently, I’ve come upon a great guitar duo doing just instrumental work.
Fucking awesome stuff, check it out:

I’ve had one of my best training sessions ever while listening to that shit.

They’re from Mexico but mostly tour in Europe. They’re gonna have concerts in Brussels, Belgium and Rotterdam, Netherlands this week. Too bad I couldn’t get any tickets.

These guys kick ass. I love listening to them although for some reason I have yet to download or buy any of their stuff. I really should get on that.

That was awesome. Thanks for posting.

I have a couple of their albums. Good stuff…I really like how each song of there has a different sound even though the guitars are the only instruments used.

I think they were orginally street performers in Brazil and Spain.

I like their recorded stuff, but they are significantly better live.

You’ll be blown away by the sound these two produce.

Glad you like it.

My g/f accidently stumbled upon them and I’ve been hooked after about 5 sec listening to them.

I’ve yet to see them live.

Dayumn! Brussels isn’t too far to drive to for such great music, but alas: all tickets sold out. Better luck/timing next time.