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Awesome FoodStuffs


Just wanted to plug some items I've recently added to my diet that I think everyone would enjoy.

There first is Naturally More Almond Butter.

For anyone familiar with "Power Peanut Butter" this is very similar. Made from almonds, these genius' added more protein from egg whites, and increased the goodness by adding in flax.

Overall, a better fat profile, more protein, more fiber, and in fact a better taste.

here is the website:



Next up is these bad boys:

Heidi's Cottage Cheese Pancakes.

I know what you are thinking, but let me tell you, as a lover of breakfast foods please believe me when I say I have been thrown out of IHOP for nearly eating a whole in the table.

That said, I can say with certainty that these pancakes are delicious. they are the best non-pancake house pancakes I've ever made.

Just add 1/2 cup of the mix to 1 cup of cottage cheese (I use Friendship brand whipped cottage cheese) and throw in an omega-3 egg. They take a little longer to cook than regular pankcakes (about 3 minutes for the first side, 2 for the second) but they are worth the wait. They are moist and full of flavor. Throw some bluberries in them and it's even better.

I've been having these for breakfast every sunday for about 2 months (not counting photo prep) and I really cant say enough about this product.

Website here: http://heidispancakes.com/index.html


Where can you get the almond butter... walmart carries that brand but not the almond stuff.

And what's the carb content on the pancakes?


Is that almond butter sandy and gritty like power pb?

thanks for the links btw!


They sell the almond butter at a market near me, but the cost is 9.99 per jar. I just ordered a six pack directly from the website for 43.95, which comes out to 7.325 per tub, but with shipping is 7.658 and still a savings.

I will get back to you tonight with the carb count on pancakes, when I get home and look at the package.


A bit. But most almond butter is pretty gritty in texture anyway. The difference in texture between this and regular almond butter is a lot less noticable than the difference between regular PB and Power PB.


Also want to plug this, which I got at GNC.

MegaFlax is a nice addition to shakes, oatmeal, salads, yogurt etc. The taste is nutty and rice, and the texture is a lot more tolerable than regular flax seeds. it's got a bunch of vit and minerals in there, a nice hefty dose of fiber, and the obvious omega-3 benefit.

They have it in special formulas to boost immune system, recovery, etc. I have only had the Pro-Active, but I have been using it for about a month now and throw it on anything I can. It's worth trying out.

website: http://www.megaflax.com/


This should be the nutritional content:




Sweet, thanks for posting.

As I mentioned, I use either fat free cottage cheese, or 1% whipped. I also use omega-3 eggs. Or an omega-3 egg white mix if I'm not feeling like whole eggs.