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Awesome Floyd Mayweather Video


The slickest motherfucker on the block... make sure you pay attention at the end. It's hysterical.


"He likes Michael Vick."


That is pretty awesome that he talks football while in the middle of a fight.


haha man that was the best part.


ROFL at the end of the clip. That was amazing.

Boy's fists are in another world.


Dude's using a game genie while everyone else has a 2 button controller.



Nice reference. Real nice.


LMAO Very nice reference, I was gonna call him a Jedi but uh I guess thats a showing my Geek card a lil too soon



So true though. Who the hell else can just talk while fighting? Or land three straight rights in a row with no jab in front of it and no hook after to knock someone out? Fuckin amazin.


Maybe the best analogy to describe a fighter ever. The fact that he's in tune enough with his surroundings to answer a question directed at someone else DURING a fight is one of the more amazing things I've ever seen. That dude is all kinds of bad.


Fucking awesome. The haters love to talk about how he never has exciting fights, but shit, if they could move like that they wouldn't get hit either.

Mayweather v. Cotto after Oscar gets worked. Best fight ever.


That's some funny shit!