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Awesome Fedor Highlight




I liked the vid, but... why was Don Johnson in the ring?


That's all well and good. But does he have a 3x BW dead lift? How much can he squat? And bench? I need ot know this. Otherwise, he's not a "complete fighter."

He doesn't have abs, so there is no way his diet is dialed in like it should be.

Drinks protein shake. Does weighted dips. Feels superior to Fedor.






awesome HL. Some different training methods there I haven't really seen with the guy with what looks like foam rods swinging them at fedor and fedor dodging them. Cool lol




Thanks Xen. Very nice, I love Genghis's stuff.


wowee that was well done


I hope everyone noticed how Aleks told Arlovski to keep his hands up in their little meeting. His response "Don't worry about it." Famous last words.


thats why i still do a bit of kali and stuff. My coach speaks highly off it to (because he has a JKD/inosanto background). A stick is capable of moving way faster than your fists/kicks so it's like racing NASCAR then driving on the freeway. It really feels like everything else is in slow motion. I know it's helped me a lot. I can slip shit waaaaay easier now. I recommend it from time to time.


That makes sense. See I was just thinking that if Fedor was coming at me, I'd swing whatever was around. :slight_smile:


I'm sure this has been discussed at length before, but why the hell does Fedor not fight UFC? I would think the money is better, the sponsorship opportunites could be better, and he would probably get a title shot right away. Contract issues? Dana being an asshole? Fedor being an asshole? Its very wierd to me that this hasn't happened, and doesn't sound like it is going to happen.


M-1 pays Fedor a ton dont let the last fights purse fool you, and Dana would not let Fedor compete in Sambo tournaments. Dana talks non stop shit about Fedor, but praises Brock for beating Heath Herring, when Fedor demolished him then says Fedor sucks, has no stand up and doesn't fight good competition.

The only UFC champ he hasn't fought is Randy, Brock and Mir. Two of which have been recently crowned and Randy is a matchup heavyweight anyway, so basically Dana White.


Then, I really don't understand Dana's reasoning. The guy would be a huge draw. And Fedor only seems to fight the UFC guys after they have had their clock cleaned a few times in the UFC. It really would cement his status to fight a current champ.


Drewh said pretty much everything, but another thing is that UFC wants full control of their fighters, and Fedor's camp refuses that. They want to be able to let Fedor compete in Sambo tournaments, and have his way on other things, but Dana wants 100% control, so that's where the difference comes into play.

Plus, Fedor's camp doesn't back down to Dana. I remember reading an interview with Fedor's manager asking him about UFC, and Fedor's manager said something along the lines of 'Dana is more than welcome to come to Russia anytime he wants to talk about Fedor and UFC.' The manager is making Dana come to Russia instead of Fedor's camp going to the US. That's smart and using leverage to your advantage.


I hate the criticism of Fedor, people say if he really wants to prove he's the best then he should got to the UFC. NO if other fighters want to prove they are the best then they should leave the UFC and fight Fedor.


Sparring with blades (training knives) has an even greater effect than sticks in my experience, though sticks do generally have greater range. Edged weapons can come from any possible angle, don't have to be linear in their attacks (sticks are still impact weapons and need some decent force behind them to do any real damage, blades are "touch weapons"), and have a psychological effect to training them that can't be overlooked.

If you can effectively learn how to deal with someone armed with a stick or knife it will definitely be a lot easier dealing with an unarmed opponent.


At ~4.13, is that Van Damme standing next to Fedor?


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