Awesome Delt Workout

This is the best (and hardest)delt program I or anyone in my gym have ever tried. In the last 5 weeks I have added noticable delt fullness and width with seemingly light dumbells. Please hear me out. This program is a giant set where 6 consecutive delt movements are performed. Start with front raises and use a weight that you can do around 15 smooth reps with. For most trainees this can be between 10-20 pounders Train until failure on the front raises and immediately go to side lateral raises. After the set, it’s L-lateral raises to failure. No rest, upright rows (those seemingly “light” weights will feel like a ton!) Next do shoulder presses then finish with bent over lateral raises. All sets done until failure with no rest between movements. Yes these 6 consecutive sets will pump your shoulders ike never before! You may have to pause a sec or two between some of the reps from the lactate buildup. Best wishes to all that try the ULTIMATE deltoid workout! Try 3 giant sets on your first workout. You will need a few minutes between giant sets to rest (about the same time a training partner or two does it). Follow for the next month and train hard and I kid you not, you will have a new pair of delts!

Sounds like an interesting program. Since delts are my weakest point I might try the program. Where did you get it from anyway?

Your program sounds very similar to Phase I of Ian King’s programs. In order to keep the progress going, he follows up the high volume phase with a low volume, heavy workouts.

Definately second Hyok’s advice. I did the exact same routine a while back and had reasonable results, but when I followed it with a lower volume, higher intensity routine… well - you’ll see for yourself.