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Awesome Curls


I realized a long time ago that it makes no sense to worry about shit in the gym. Why get pissed about people doing dumb shit like squat rack curls? I am in no position to insult people or ridicule their ignorance. I am not better than them because I don't do squat rack curls.

So I am back into training after a long layoff - and the very first thing I saw on my first day back was a guy cheat curling the bar in the squat rack. That was awesome! I think I have never before seen someone cheat curl the bar before, let alone in the squat rack. Now this dude looked like he had the strength to probably strict curl at least 75 lbs or something but he was cheat curling the bar. Is this a new fad that personal trainers are pushing?

Anyway, nice to see that some things in the gym never change.


That's the thing, I don't think most gym goers even know the proper form for a curl! My friend who thinks he's big tough shit that curls 55lb dbs (I know), I asked him to preform as many strict barbell curls as he could with a 55lb barbell. He did about 4 before his elbows came away from his sides and the swinging momentum of his torso did most the work.

As for getting pissed at people that do it in the squat rack? It's just plain rude I think. Unless you load up the bar and start curling 315, get the fuck out so I can do some real work. Why do you need to be in there? If you have to use a full size barbell, go steal one off a bench.


If he intends to steal a bar from the chest-bi coalition to blitz his bi's while they try to blast pecs, we could see a full on gym weenie civil war.

Or the destruction of the very universe.

Y'all have been warned.


Yah I understand it is ridiculous that some dude is in a squat rack curling a bar when you want to actually do squats. But its pointless for me to get angry about it - thats all I mean. I am in the gym to better myself and if I am going in there to strut around, or put down newbies then it defeats my goals.

I do see lots of bad form in gyms - but I was shocked to see someone cheat curling the bar. Is there anything worse out there? Maybe people who use the smith machine AND a swiss ball in some weird way together.