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awesome creatine effects

I go absolutely mental on creatine, and yet with other people (including my housemate) it has almost no perceived effect.

what am I lacking naturally that the creatine is making up for?

“mental”: like I’ve drunk red bull - hyperactive, need less sleep. This persists for the first 1-2 weeks of taking after a short break. Also my strength endurance increases massively.

I guess to some extent the answer to the question doesn’t actually matter - I just need to enjoy the result, but I’m curious nonetheless…


This is very rare to say the least, my diagnosis would be you’re having a placebo effect mentally, and it is carrying over physically a little bit (hyperactivity leading to better workouts, more intense). Hope it doesnt burst it, but it’s probibly all in your head.

yeah im guessing its very much placebo effect as far as the mental effects go.
as far as the physical effects go there are very varied results. i personally love the stuff and respond well

I get almost 0 benefits from creatine. In fact, I might get exactly 0, but I take it anyways. So cheap, and I bought a kg, so why not, no downside.

I also have a similar response with creatine and i don’t even load. I know it is not placebo. I found out ,over the years, that some ppl are extremely sensitive to creatine supl. and other aren’t…like zero. I myself have a good response but i know this guy who becomes freakishly strong on the stuff with 3 grams per day. Depends on a persons anaerobic metabolism i’dd say.

its making up for a lack of sex.

P-DOG: It’s so true, but you try telling that to the missus :wink:

thanks for the comments guys.

well if it’s a placebo, then it’s an awesomely effective one. A close freind of mine (and occasional training partner) is the fitness coach for two reasonably high standard rugby teams, and he’s seen the effect it has on me and can’t understand it either.

hey ho, I’ll just enjoy it whilst it lasts… cheers anyway