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Awesome Chest Workout Vid


I don't know if this has been posted already, but I just watched these MD chest vids and they pumped me up so much. The attitude these two guys bring, the slapstick jokes they throw at each other... and the huge weights they throw too. Perfect pre-workout vid to get you psyched.


loved it


these guys look fuckin retarded yelling the entire time they're in the gym... that shit is real lame.... but those dudes are strong as hell!



holy shit rodney is strong on bench



Mad 'spect.


I will definitely be watching this before I bench tomorrow!


holy crap. how the hell do they flare out their elbows so much.

awesome vid. these guys are sav!


Those guys are machines being able to lift like this for years. Branch Warren is even more impressive; he looks faster and more explosive.

I did try to lift more like them and what CT his recommending (explosive rep, as fast as possible), but after a month or so I got joint pain, shoulder pain, etc.

I don't think many people have the capacity to train like that.


since day 1 ive always done my reps like that, i wouldnt do it any other way.


I dont think i quite get the 'fast turnaround' part. I feel like I lower my weights too slow.


Goddamnit. I can't stand likin park but would give a thumb to have music even resembling that playing at my gym.

Stupid Galaxy...Dance channel blares incessantly at my gym. Can't stand wearing headphones so I'm stuck with it.

Wicked video. Strong mofos.


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ahhhhh that's better.





I hate you :slightly_smiling: