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Awesome Breakfast (heating protein)

Just tried this breakfast this morning after getting the idea from Bev Int and it was great. I used 1 whole egg and 4 egg whites in a bowl. Put 4 scoops EAS’s 5lb Simply Protein (Vanilla). Added a little water and mixed it all together. Then I poured it onto a flat frying pan into thin crepes. A side takes a few seconds to cook then I flip it. Added some Equal, had some fish oil capsules on the side and thats it. It came to 60g protein, 8.5g fat (14.5 w/ fish oil) and 6g carbs. This is great b/c I’m doing a low carb pre-contest diet. Anyway, what type of damage would be done to the whey protein if only cooked for a short period of time. Would it make it useless to the body or would quick heating not have a large effect?