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Awareness Test


I failed


try watching that without laughing, fuck, i failed.


This is better....

try watching that without puking.


That's fuckin' awesome.


That's sort of cheap... the bear is black and blends in with the other people. If the bear was, say, brown I doubt most people would miss it. Maybe not.


I think the whole concept is a bit cheap to get people to be aware.


Great, are people really going to start posting about how it wasn't "fair"?

Methinks some of you take yourselves too seriously. It's supposed to be funny.


lol. How do you guys not notice a dancing bear!? That shit was great.


Or if the bear was wearing bicycle shorts and fluorescent decals.


I totally missed the bear the first time through.


Lol I competely missed the bear, finally noticed the bear after watching the 3rd time in full screen.


so... when the narrator asked if you saw the dancing bear, and you watched it the second time, you still did not see the dancing bear? :slightly_smiling:


I didn't, lol


Lol @ one of the youtube comments. "I think I would have seen him if he were on a bicycle."


I'll be sure to keep an eye out for bears riding bicycles, those other bastards hogging the road are fair game.


Yeah but you have shaking boobs for an avatar, so you're excused. They make awareness go down - Took me the better part of half an hour to notice you actually wrote something in your post...


Actually there are lots of psychology experiments just like this that aren't suppose to be funny. I was pointing out that this was a fishy one...

Is it funny? I don't think so, but I've seen these sorts of things way to much.


Nope, I had to go back and watch it a third time in full screen to finally see the bear.


While I don't feel humor was the main theme of this ad, how is a moonwalking bear NOT supposed to be funny?

The one thing I DID hate about it is when I was told to look for the moonwalking bear, I squinted and stared really hard at the background behind everyone, thinking maybe it was going to be an outline or silhouette or something subtle like that... boy did I feel like a jackass when I caught on.


I thought it was pretty funny.