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Award for Highest SHBG Goes to... Me

Have been feeling rundown, unmotivated, apathetic about sex, lack of ability to focus or concentrate. Pretty crappy. So I had labwork done which is presented below.
I’m 36, 5’9, 150lbs. Active between weights and swimming and running (toning this down, due to concerns about cortisol). Eat well, lots of greens, animal proteins usually two meals a day. I did however eat vegan for about a year which ended 6 months or so ago. Some notable items, blood cells are low, I undoubtedly am low on iodine too (after reading stickies, thanks btw KSman, very helpful). Any input is greatly appreciated. thanks!

Your DHEA-S is below ranges and adds to the symptoms of low testosterone. Red blood cell which carries oxygen throughout the body is low, red blood cells also remove carbon dioxide from your body, transporting it to the lungs for you to exhale.

Total T is of little value as it’s bound to SHBG, Free T is more useful is guiding treatment.

Thyroid levels all look great, fT3 midrange and rT3 is right where it should be, under 15 ng/dL.

Restricting food intake is likely what increased your SHBG.

This right here probably contributed to your issue. IF causes SHBG to increase. Were you also doing Keto?

Should clarify, I meant that two of the x meals per day are usually animal protein. I aim for at least maintenance when it comes to calories. Not looking to lose weight. That said I have done keto in the past, as well as IF. I firmly believe long term keto as well as calorie restriction has contributed to things here. I could go on and on about that but’s for another thread.

Taking 25mg DHEA sublingual ED. Along with zinc, magnesium, Vit D.

So yes, you’re both correct. Poor dietary choices here in the past. It’s been over a year or so though.