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Awakening The Beast Within!


Hello all, was recently diagnosed with low T. My primary doctor wanted to put me on an anti-depressant even though my blood test clearly showed I have low T. I decided to see a urologist and he immediately re-ran my blood work and confirmed what I had suspected. He says I'm an excellent candidate for TRT and wants to start me on injections this week. He's gonna let me self inject at home but I don't know the dose yet. From reading here and talking to a coworker on T, injecting every 3 1/2 days is best to keep myself even so that's what I'm planning on.

I have mentioned to my urologist about adding in HGC to my treatment and he is looking into it. Not really fond of my testicles shrinking. I mentioned an AI but he said it sounds like I'm surfing steroid forums, LoL. I am thinking that if he starts me out at 100mg a week, I may only inject half of my prescription to start and work my numbers on my own.

The reason I am thinking this is that he said he'd be happy if my total T numbers were in the 300's which is still pretty low. I'm not gonna lie here, if I am going to be on this for life, I am gonna make the most of it with my weightlifting. I know from reading that the max a doctor will prescribe is about 200mg a week so I figure I'll start really low until I can get my prescribed amounts up. I don't want to be unethical about it but c'mon, 300 TT?

I am 6'2" tall.
I weigh 295 lbs down from 351 lbs in the last 10 months.
I carry most of my weight in my stomach and chest.
I lift 5 days a week at lunch, 2 of those days cardio in the morning.
My BF is about 30%.
I've got quite a bit of muscle, It's just hidden by fat.
I follow Myfitnesspal and eat about 1900 calories a day.

My latest blood test numbers are as follows before TRT:
Free testosterone 4.4L Range 6.8-21.5
FSH 3.0 Range 1.3-19.3
LH 2.9 Range 1.2-8.6
Prolactin 6.8 Range 2.6-13.1
Testosterone 165 Range 175-781
Free T4 0.96 Range 0.61-1.35
T3 Uptake 39 Range 23-37
SHBG 15 Range 10-50


My initial blood work from my primary care doctor:

CHD RISK. 3.5 Range <4.9
CHOL. 162 Range <200
HDL. 46 Range >40
LDL. 86 Range <129
TRIG. 152 Range 0-150
VITD25H. 38 Range >30
B12. 330 Range >180
FOL. 20.00 Range >5.9
BUN. 13 Range 6-23
CAL. 9.1 Range 8.5-10.1
CD. 27 Range 20-30
CHL. 104 Range 98-112
CREAT. 1.17 Range 0.64-1.27
GFRBM. 83 Range >60
GFROM. 68 Range >60
GLU. 93 Range 60-110
POT. 4.3 Range 3.5-5.3
SOD. 137 Range 135-144


Vitamins and prescriptions:

Creatine 5mg
Vitamin D3 1000mg
Aspirin 81mg
Vitamin C 1000mg
Allegra 180mg
Zoloft 50mg for anxiety
Lunesta 3mg for sleeping
Fish oil 1000mg
Fiber capsule


Boy, I'd really appreciate some sort of reply if you can, I'm supposed to start TRT tomorrow and I'd really like some advice. Anyone?


Good luck on your new journey. Because it is a lifelong commitment you will need to continue to educate yourself. You are in the right place here and there are many who can give you good advice. The best place for all of us to start was reading the stickies over and over. You will continue to grow and learn but you will have to take responsibility for your own health. Most doctors simply don't have time or just don't care. Some are open to your research if you bring them updated information from medical journals but they act offended if you quote something from the internet...especially from a forum.

My doc prescribed 125mg per week but I am only taking 100mg per week. When I did my last labs my T had gone up from 279 to 1146. That is at the top of the range and I feel great. I am more of a minimalist and would recommend starting low to see how you respond...you can always add more. The benefits are simply amazing if you can get everything in balance, (see my post in http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/my_benefits_from_trt ). It sounds like you are on the right track, just don't get over anxious. Your commitment to working out and to your overall health is obvious so you will progress rapidly but give it plenty of time and be open minded about advice you receive here. Congrats on taking the first step!


Thank you so much EZrider! I am super excited. I have read the thread you linked multiple times already, it is great. My biggest concern is with the HGC and how to know how much is enough. I am of the minimalist thinking as well and don't want to over medicate if I don't have too. I told my coworker and fellow TRT user about the T-Nation protocol and he was shocked to hear about it saying to start out at 250iu every other day. He feels it's too much for only 100mg of test a week. I also see that you only dose 50iu twice a week. How do I figure out what works best for me? Thanks for your help.


Everyone responds differently. I am an over responder to AI so I have had to cut it out completely for a while. I just started back with a very small dose and it seems to be working well. My guess is that I over respond to most medications so I start small.

The best way for me to know if my hcg dose is correct is simply how I feel...any pain or sensitivity in the testicles...any shrinkage...how are they hanging...etc.... Another barometer for me is how the nocturnal erections and morning wood are going, also the intensity of erections. When that's all good, everything else seems to be good.

Of course you need to get regular lab work done so that you can keep an accurate journal of how you are responding or over responding. Posting your labs here will give you a chance to get some insight from some very intelligent and compassionate people who are sharing this journey with you.


Excellent to know EZ, I will post up tomorrow with what the Doc says and prescribes. Can't wait!!! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!


Trial and error, and dialing in your TRT treatment every couple months is the only way to know what will work with your body type. Since you have a lot of body fat, you might need an AI to keep your estrogen down, but you may not know until you try T for a month and re-check your levels of T and E2. A lot of us with little body fat are able to do without an AI, so there is hope you can get off of it once you lose weight. Some guys feel OK with an E2 level of 29, and some guys say if it gets above 26 they feel like crap. The level of 22 in the stickies is given as a guideline for most guys. HCG is optional for a lot of guys here also. The only time my balls ever shrank on T was when my doc gave me way too much (Like 400MG a shot), and they bounced back quickly once I got off that ridiculous dose. I haven't taken HCG yet, or the AI -- and just do T injections. Some doctors say that there isn't enough information available on long term HCG use yet, and so they don't want to prescribe it. The HCG diet is blowing up huge right now, so I'm sure we're going to get some good data on the health effects within a few years as more people use it.

Best of luck,



This is for real now!!! Just picked up my script, he wrote me for 1/2ML twice a week with five refills.


Congrats Beast! And welcome to the new "normal" and to the TNATION fraternity. I believe that many of us have been sub-normal for so long that when we get normal people think we're abnormal. Your commitment to diet and exercise will dramatically increase your benefits from TRT. We are looking forward to tracking your journey with you and helping in any way that we can. I have benefited so much from everyone on this forum...both from the struggles some experience to the great success stories that we love to hear.


Well boys, I've got my first pin under my belt! Doc decided to just draw .25ml which should be 50mg twice a week for the first month until the blood work is rechecked. They used a 23ga. X 1inch needle in my rear end. Didn't really hurt at all. I am still doing my own shots at home but they wanted to show me how to do it in the office for the first one. He's not gonna give me an AI or HGC ever, so I'm gonna have to figure that one out soon. Says he's NEVER heard of any issues even at 200mg CYP a week. He told me to see an endocrinologist if I want to start pushing and pulling numbers up and down. Don't get me wrong, I really like this doc and he is trying to help me. Baby steps right? Thanks guys!!!


Well, in the morning I am taking my 1st shot here at the house. Picked up some needles and am ready to go. Wife is going to be giving me the injection so I had better not piss her off. On a side note, I do seem to be thinking a little clearer already but I don't know If that's just placebo effect or not. Wish I could find a doctor to maybe looking at prescribing HCG and if needed an AI. Been reading good things about GHRP-6 as well but I don't know if this is the place to mention that drug or not. Forgive me if it isn't. Have a great weekend my new friends!!


Guys, I need help. My testicles are aching after only my 2nd 50mg test cyp shot. I do my shot every 3 1/2 days. I've got to figure out a way to get some HCG and Arimidex immediately. I don't know where to turn. I live in SE Michigan if you have any ideas. Thanks!


Its probably placebo at this point.
I am 44 and it took months for me to get the ache.
I order my own HCG from safemeds4all google it.
Its cheap and you don't have to bother with your doc.


Well, had my 3rd dose of test tonight, getting easier to draw and inject at home. I've spent the last few days obsessing over the need to find a doctor that knows more about TRT than my current doctor and that has even heard of HCG or Arimidex being used as part of the treatment. I am now coming to the conclusion that I need to step back and slow down and that there is no hurry to be on either one of those drugs just yet.

I have a couple of appointments with different doctors who claim to know about TRT and do at least prescribe AI's in the event E2 gets to high so we'll see how that pans out.

So far, I seem to be a little clearer minded but my testies still ache and may have gotten a little smaller, hard to tell as I wasn't a frequent fondler. Any added advice or encouragement is welcome. Thanks guys.


Feeling pretty darn good today! Still no libido but my mental state and energy are much improved. This is only after 3 doses so far at .25ml.


Had my 4th pin on Sunday morning, went smoothly. I guess I'm writing this as more of a diary entry today. Saturday night, I had the most fun I've had in 10 years with my kids. We played wiffle ball all evening and I felt great. Never in a million years two weeks ago would I have had the energy or drive to get off the couch and go out there and do that. Got an appointment with a new doc today that is supposed to be a family doc that knows a lot about TRT, I will let you know how it goes. Very happy right now.


Hi Beast Within,
I am following your story and I am happy for your improvements.Please keep on updating us.
How did your doctor visit go yesterday ? I am also from SE MIchigan and have hard time finding a knowledgeable doctor.If you think it is worthy please let me know where you go.
Cheers !


It seemed to go well. He wants me to stay on my current dose for another month and then get new blood work. Gonna see him after that and see what his adjustments may be. I'd hate to send you to someone before I get a better idea how this is gonna work out. He did advise me to dose only once a week so I can be tested at my peak around 3-4 days after my pin. I was doing 50mg Sunday and Wednesday but I shot 100mg tonight and will do 100mg for the next 3 weeks on Wednesdays then get tested the following Monday morning.