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Avoids Roids

I’m certainly not anyone who has the right to tell people what to do, and I’m obviously not innocent of this myself, but I would like to ask that people quit ripping on Avoids Roids in every single thread. His posts over the last couple of days have been concise, accurate, absent of any inflammatory language whatsoever, and, in one thread in particular – “First cycle reflections” – very funny. In other words, he has of late been a model T-forum poster. For whatever reasons, he’s clearly decided to communicate his views in a non-abrasive manner, and for that he deserves a break. How about it everyone?

If it continues I’m all for it. He’s given some great advice in his last few posts. Let’s hope he’ll keep it up and keep contributing positively.

I agree, Bob. I think the same goes for Jason Baran. I remember one time Jason posted a totally non-political, well thought out response to a steroid question, and someone replied by calling him a Nazi. Let’s let go of the vendettas.

He flamed on for how long. He doesn’t desearve repreave until he has been good for as long as he was bad. Translation- we shall see.

When are we going to start the “I HATE Nate Dogg” Thread? I know there are a few posters who seem to really dislike me. I find it quite entertaining that someone would dislike me so much. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it’s jealousy. Oh well. What can you do? I’m a happy camper with all that I have become and achieved in life. Even if I can’t be 6’, 250lbs of pure muscle. I am working with the cards I was dealt. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

I don’t know dogg…must be you…I haven’t seen a “Ban Whopper” thread…so it must be you Dogg…lol. Anyway…live and let live I say…if we start banning people then I think we shortchange ourselves of someone who might have a good idea on a particular topic…even tho we have to endure rants and tirads on occasion, I think people do it for attention. If no one commented to a silly post…that person would eventually cut it out…but as long as we call attention to it…we are the enablers.

Personally Avoid makes me laugh. I like his posts because I don’t think his intentions are genuine. He looks to me like he’s the kind of guy who likes to start a polemic.

Awwww don’t worry Nate Doggy, most of us like you! lol Unlike some folks, you’ve always got something constructive to add instead of some of the uneducated flaming that goes on here. Keep that shit up Dogg!!!

Nate: You suck, dude! Uh, let’s see, I guess it needs more “oomph”, huh? Oh yeah… Burn in hell, scumtoast! And more where that came from, loser! (How’s that, Nate? Was it, like, a good start for the thread you wanted? :slight_smile:

Hey Nate Dogg, maybe they’re confusing you with the rapper (not to be confused with Snoop Dogg). I read in the paper that Nate Dogg got arrested for weapon possession or something like that.

Bob, nice start. I still want to hear the ones about me being small and looking like someone’s 15-year-old brother. LOL! Come on Nate Dogg Haters of the world, give me your best shot! I know you want to tell me what a piece of shit I am and that I’ll never amount to anything except being a little guy all my life! LMAO!
There is something to be said of people who do hate me so much. Is it insecurity? Or the fact that they admire me? LOL! Oh well. It’s all good. Hyok, I hadn’t heard about the rapper Nate Dogg. Sucks for him! If he followed in my footsteps, he would have been better off! C’mon Whopper, you know you hate me too! I’m the little guy who is going to take your job or get you fired! HA! Oh yeah, and doesn’t the T-vixen want me to come up for her birthday? Show her what Doggy-style is all about??? LMAO! Keep it real!

Hey, Nate Dogg, maybe you should change your name to Hate Dogg. Just kidding.

I like Avoids Roids! He helps keep this place humorous. Then again, I also like Elephant Boy, Stuttering John, Beetlejuice, Gary the Retard, and all those other wackos on the Howard Stern Show.

I’ll dedicate my Deca/Test shot tomorrow morning to Avoids Roids now that I think of it!

Naa Nate…love ya bro…cause I think I want to try out for the WWF and I need a real little guy to practice on. To get someone your size, I would need to find a 15 year old…with you…its perfect. Now come over here and let me work on my interpretation of the Undertakers “Last Rites” after a few choke slams of course…whopper raises his hand behind his head…ready for the choke slamming of little Nate.

avoids roids is so very gay! hes afraid steroids would make his already extremely small cock even smaller!

i think maybe bob the playground supervisor is right. i mean i have dogged baran and avoids roids pretty hard but i dont think its any reason to plead his case maybe if he had an apology thread. theres no use in you saying your sorry for him bob even though hes had some ok posts except the one about benching 5 times a week doesnt mean he just hadnt had some extra soy the past week. so if he repents he’ll be forgiven

Nate Dogg, I’ve tried to get numerous Anti Nate posts through, but you must be paying the moderators or something.

Actually grant the benching UP to 5 times a week was my suggestion Grant. But, I didn’t come up with that. I would refer you to people like Pavel, Charles Staley, Jay Schroeder (Adam Archuletta’s strength Coach)and Boris Sheiko ( the coach of Russian world Champions). Actually Pavel tsatsouline just did and article for PLUSA (powerlifting Mag) about the training Boris Sheiko puts his atheletes through. I would suggest reading. You might not buy all of it, but I would guess that you may end up keeping an open mind to another school of thought.

NATURALMAN, I appreciate your support. You must be going at it wrong for the moderators not to post your messages. I can’t say I have any of them paid off. Sorry to disappoint you! But I do look forward to more “I hate you Nate Dogg” posts from you! So what is it that you hate so much? I mean, are you sure it’s not some insecurity issue you have? I know I’ll never be a big guy, but I’ll always strive to get better.

Besides, this isn’t my life. It’s only one of the many components. And like many people on this site, I offer constructive information to posts. Should people not listen to what I have to say because I’m small? I think not. As I have to work a lot harder than many others who were more gifted in the genetics department. I’m more like the Charles Staley type. He’s not the biggest, strongest guy around. But he is an awesome strength coach with much valuable information in his head. Should he be discredited because he isn’t 220lbs with 19-inch guns and a 400lb bench press? I think not. But hey, the more you hate me, the more I get a good laugh!

Repent hell! I say string the dirty bastard up!!! Oh yea, I only bench once per week. 5 times? Not even when I was 20. Hmmm. Come to think of it. I didn’t lift then. I was specializing in building enormous biceps at all the local bars. As for my next cycle, I think I will go for one of those little scooters instead. They look kinda neat. I will report in every two weeks and let you know how this cycle…err scooter… works out. And who needs roids anyway. My hat size went from a 7-7/8 to an 11-1/8 in ONE DAY after reading Bob Kennedy’s post! And that was all natural! Anyway, my only purpose was to make people think. but…I’d still string me up just for the sport of it.