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!!Avoiding the Crash!!

I’m going to end my caffiene/thermo cycle so my body can take a break in about a week and was wondering what I could do avoid the energy crash that’ll have. As soon as I stop taking caffiene I feel like a lump of shit. Any suggestions that will help during my “off” period? Yo!

Don’t cold turkey the caffeine. You can stop the thermos but replace them with power drive and slowly taper down on the caffeine. It works like a charm!

I’d like to know this too in case i do ever take a thermo

I agree with Kelly on this one i.e. don’t cut all your stuff at the same time, use a more gradual approach. Replacing thermo by PDrive is an excellent suggestion and it will help you with any cognitive task so use it (if you’re in the US since PDrive isn’t allowed in Canada).

Hope this helps,

Do you get the caffeine from coffee? If so, maybe try decaf. Your body might still respond to the relatively low levels of caffeine and give you a little energy. I don’t know if you think the chemicals in the decaf are worth it or not. Just an idea.

Hey it might be a good idea to stack up on all your b-complexes vitamins. I was able to gets some die hard ginseng users to cut back with this approach. Since B helps change food in to energy.