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Avoiding Low T at 62

Been doing blood work periodically to monitor and still at 365 despite switching to sublingual DHEA 25 mg. Dr. Mercola says it doesn’t absorb into the skin well and recommends rectal applications… uh… no! Local compounding pharmacy consultation suggested the sublingual but no real change. My PCP is selling HRT pellets and he jacked me up over 1500 which seems pretty crazy. Had also been doing over the counter forskolin but ran out a few days before last blood draw so don’t know if that contributed.

Just bought some Alpha Male from Biotest but haven’t taken any yet cause finishing up an Rx for what my PCP thought was sciatica. Turns out my first guess was correct, pulled muscle (biceps femoris) but the symptoms did seem like sciatica. Anyway, have not tried the Alpha Male. I know at 62, my T levels will decline but I’d like to avoid some of the bad stuff I’ve read associated with low T.

I don’t think you are going to have much success with natural supplements. I would go with gels or shots - or the pellets if those worked. Just make sure your doc gives you some HCG and an aromatase inhibiter

HRT pellets are expensive. That sounds about the going rate from what I have seen. Most stick with the tried and true injections. It will allow you to tailor your dosage after labs to see what works for your body.

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Anyway, yes, the pellets were costly but they worked. I agree that nothing else has.


Sorry I didn’t read closely enough. The best things for natural T are sleep and balanced diet. All other supps are snake oil if you are getting proper nutrients through diet.

I think my diet is very good and I sleep over 8 hours each night. I’m assuming genetics are a big factor but I never even knew my father so I certainly wouldn’t know what his T levels were as he got older. I don’t FEEL like it’s a problem but I’ve read about stuff that low T causes… maybe from people trying to sell me something. :wink:

Please post all lab work with ranges.

At your age, determining if one is primary VS secondary does not make much sense. But if primary, nothing is going to help other than TRT.

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Pellets are expensive. T levels start high then slowly decrease as surface area of the pellets decreases. With T levels changing, managing E2 levels is never right as a competitive aromatase inhibitor [AI] to reduce T–>E2 will not be dose correct as T levels are changing.

DHEA: You need to be testing DHEA-S to eval your DHEA status and dosing. DHEA might help a little bit, but effects are often minor at best.

hCG will not help if primary [testes to not work or weak].

Your docs only run those labs? We need to see everything.