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Avoiding Burn Out w/ Football Training?


What do I need to do in order to not get so burnt out?

I play college football and I'm busting my ass this summer but maybe a lil too much. I work out 4 times a week and try to run 4 times a week as well (2 days I run regular sprints and the other 2 I run what is our "run test" which consists of 3-300 yard gassers (side to sideline 3 times) and it's kinda taking a toll on my workouts and everything else. My workouts look like this

Power cleans (I switch up the sets and reps every week)
Rack pulls (3 x 5)

Run Sprints (can range from a few 40's to 100's etc)

Tuesday: Upper Body
Incline bench
Dumbell bench (I don't barbell bench anymore after having torn a pec sometime ago)
Bent Over Rows
Lat Pull downs
a lil bit for shoulders

Running: 300 yard sprints

No lifting, just run a few sprints

Hang cleans
Box Squats
Glute Ham Raises
Hyper extentions

No running

Same as Tuesday but no running

300 yard sprints

if someone could help me modify this to being more efficient i would greatly appreciate the feedback!!!


Is it the shuttle runs alone that are taking their toll? Are you timing them? And if so, are you meeting the reqired time?

You could reduce the number of shuttle runs you are doing and build up volume as your fitness improves or you could drop them completely and focus more on your shorter sprint training with some resistance training and overspeed training. By monitoring rest periods your fitness should improve adequately enough for you to breeze through the shuttle run test.

What position do you play?