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Avoiding Bacne...


Allright, so I have developed a slight case of this, very end of my cycle (actually, started tapering this week). The question I have is..is it avoidable? I mean, I see Bodybuilders at shows that are ostensibly on like 10x as much test as me and they don't seem to really have any, or very rarely. How do they avoid it?


The main way to avoid this is to stay clean. By clean I mean showered all the time. Oily skin / acne is a side effect of gear use and everyone will get it. By washing the oil off and staying clean you will get less of it.

You can also try an anti-acne wash. I get one at the atore for a couple bucks that works very well.


Any particular brand that works the best?


I find rubbing alcohol helps. It is kind of hard to get my back with a cotton ball, but I manage it.

I have also heard accutane works as well.


I gave in and went to see a dermatologist about this same problem about 6 weeks ago. I fessed up that the probable reason I was getting this at my age was probably due to steroid use. He explained to me that the reason most over-the-counter products and frequent showers (I was taking 3 a day) weren't working was because what I had wasn't acne, but an acne-like reaction caused by the steroids.

So because the problem was glandular, no soap could help. I was instead put on several ointments, antibacterial medicines, and a corticosteroid for inflammation.


Interesting. I share the problem of bacne...and 'shoulderne'...and 'chestne' and facial acne as well, while on the juice. It's so damn hard to get rid of!

Frequent washing helps most steroid users minimize acne, but for those with a glandular problem, the above suggestion seems the way to go.

Antibiotics also help as well. I wouldn't suggest Accutane because it can cause mental problems.

There is also "blue light phototherapy" which can be done at cosmetic surgeons or skin clinics. It involves a blue frequency of light being shone on the affected area for 20 minutes. The wavelength of light causes an antibacterial reaction of hydrogen peroxide within the skin, under the surface, which kills off the pimples. It takes about 6 weeks to really clear up an area but it does work.


Very Interesting topic�?� I started to see some Acne forming on my chin and I am 30 years old, so the problem was driving me crazy..
Nothing crazy, but more than I was use to�?�
Went to Wal-Mart and purchased Severe Acne-Free, contains 4 bottles, and you do it in steps..
I have to say its working very well�?� Cleared up very fast, which made me very happy�?�

Cost 20 dollars, so you guys might give it a shot�?�


I had this problem a few years ago and it was incredibly severe. It got to the point where I hated taking my shirt off no matter how ripped up i was, just didn't matter.

I finally broke down and went to the dermatologist and I was put on accutane. Now i'm not saying just go jump to it because that drug is fucking harsh...but its also a miracle drug. If you're to the point where you can't seem to get rid of anything, go get on accutane.

The first week is very painful cause it wrecks your stomach, but after that just make sure you have plenty of eye drops and chap stick you will definitely need it. Good stuff, but very harsh. That was 2 years ago and i STILL use chapstick like crazy cause my kips dry out so bad.


I used accutane as a teen to get rid of terrible acne. There are other threads about this topic. I was on a max dose, and after the course no acne. Period. Accutane is a wonderful drug for its cause. But it is not to be taken lightly.

Even now, over ten years later as a gear user my acne is minimal.

To answer the earlier question, I use a Johnson and Johnson anti acne wash from wal mart for like $4. It has something in it to make it a scrub. I don't even require it daily, once every 3-4 days while on and whenever I have a pimple while off.


I actully wash the area with Dawn detergant, Dries the shit out of the area, Sometimes i even rub it in after the shower, every one that uses my bathroom ask me why i have dish washing detergant in my shower !!!


Steroid related acne is mostly caused by hormones in flux.

Keep your estrogen in check by using an aromatase inhibitor

keep your AAS dosing/ blood levels steady, and do the test taper when you come off, and you wont' have a problem.


What were your doseages and how long did you run it?


I read on another forum that users were swimming/bathing a lot in salt water and or chlorinated water.

It does make sense cause when I was a teen I had this same problem and swimming helped it clear up when it would flare.

Just a suggestion.


I was on 200mgs ED for the first 3 months then went up to 400mgs ED for the next 3 months. To this day, not one acne problem except for maybe a tiny one here and there that is gone the next day.


I must agree that the only antidote for me was Accutane. AMAZING! It is a very serious drug with serious side effects if not taken correctly...but so is gear. Most importantly if you do take Accutane, make sure and take it for at least the minimum amount of time prescribed by the doctor.

My girl is a licensed Esthetician and the best face wash she recommended. It is Murad, developed by a doc with a product line. Murad is a little more expensive than your common Johnson and Johnson, Clearasil, and others...but a lot more effective for me (about $20 a bottle). You can only find Murad at beauty stores and salons, also on the net. Accutane can also be purchased from overseas at a reasonable cost under the name ISOTANE. Good luck ... the acne thing sucks!


Try the over the counter acne treatments first. If they don't work, consider Accutane. It will definitely work for you (it's ~85% effective on people with VERY bad acne). But it's hard on the liver and its expensive unless you get it from India.


I don't get it. I was on a cycle of 400MG decca per week, and 500MG test cyp. a week, injecting 3 X a week, and taking .5 MG arimidex and I still got backne pretty good.

I thought it was because I was driving around in a car with no A/C sweating my nads off for hours on end and all that grease/sweat just got worse.