Avoid the Gym When Sick?

I usually go to the gym whenever I have a little cough or cold. Selfish as I may be, I’m just trying to strengthen your immune system while you’re strengthening your beautiful muscles. I go to a crowded gym, I once joked with the owner that he should get a ticket dispenser for the squat rack and try to put some kind of crowd control. Anyways what’s everyone’s opinion? Do you go when sick? When is the line drawn? Would you use a machine after some sweaty coughing guy finished?

IDGAF but then again im a dirty bastard

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Why would you be using a machine pussy! , get under that bar and Squat!, in all seriousness though theres alot of germs everywhere you go so i wouldnt worry about someone coughing.

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Fortunately the gym I go to has three squat racks.

No, I don’t go to the gym when I’m sick. When I’m sick, I skip lifting and all my lifting energy gets dumped into my immune system. Then I don’t have to go to the doctor either, just sleep it off.

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Training hard whilst sick just fucks the immune system. Wished I had learned that a long time ago.

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Unless I’m vomiting, I train. However, I train at home because I’m not an a-hole.

just go gym and use a sauna/steam room i do if I’m not feeling great

I am not sure why you replied to my comment.

Was saying if you’re sick try just hitting up and a sauna or steam as i normally do, wrote it badly head wasn’t fully there.

Ah. Being in a shared space while sick seems like a jerk move honestly. Not a bad idea if you have a personal steam room though.

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I go to a fight academy / bodybuilders gym so the steam is always free, always felt like it clears me up a lot better than trying to do cardio or something to keep myself active, wish i had a personal one lol

Right, I’m sure it’s free. It’s not the cost I’m disputing, it’s about infecting other people with your disease.

basically the same anywhere really, cough on your hands and then touch something it will transfer bacteria, won’t catch me in there if i cant stop coughing, but early cold/flu symptoms ill deffo jump in.

This is why I cough/sneeze into my elbow. Very rare situations require me to contact things with my elbow. Concur though; coughing and sneezing into your hands is pretty gross.

I sneeze into tissues personally (always one in my gymbag), however I’m speaking for most people that i see. but the point being if you have a flu virus its airborn so it’ll come into contact regardless where you are.

Oh yeah, concur. Most humans are pretty disgusting. Go to a buffet if you really want to see some horror.

Bro I work for a budget gym In England and I’m telling you the members are so bad, one guy shit up the wall in the changing rooms, I’d pick a buffet over that lol.

Massive LOL, K you are the master at getting these insightful clips that cheer up my day. Mouse doing bp with a mousetrap, how good is that:)

Okay, the middle one with the mice is the funniest gif I’ve ever seen.