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Avoid Supplementmarket.com


Here was a company I had previously enjoyed business with until last night. Being ready to place an order , I found the international mailing shipping rates a bit confusing and asked for clarification. I received a curt response to go through the checkout page again which didn't answer my question one iota. I did however and still was bewildered as to what shipping options were available.

I resent my email saying his response was a liitle curt and could he please be more helpful. He then sent me an email which said "Here's curt for you Go buy somewhere else" . I responded in kind questioning his maturity in the face of constructive criticism after which he sent me back a nasty mail calling me a lazy idiot among other profanities and then banned my email. Well after all that. I was quite discouraged so I'm posting here so none of you have to go through the same experience with this lousy outfit.

~ leich


Just order from here, I guarantee friendlier service.



Thanks LOL

I had been using dymatize supps such as their amino 4800, and z-force (zinc,mag,trib) which i really liked for their price and quality. I'm planning on trying out the Biotest products and am going to test Alpha Male out soon. The tubs of things like protein powders are usually too expensive to send but I'm looking for the right supplier with reasonable shipping costs.


also avoid a1supplements.com, ordered from them once and they were way late with no explanation.


Be very careful with dymatize - I was using their amino's too - but if you read the label on the back very carefully you'll see you're not getting the high dose you think you are.


Buy Biotest for everything they sell...

Then use netrition for all your other stuff. Good prices and never had a problem with international shipping.


I had same expirience with them , they didnt ban me but I stoped ordering from them , I'm from Europe , and buying some of Biotest supps from other sites because here in Biotest shop I must use paypal dont have option for buy directly with my credit card


Here is what I just received today and I quote:

A customer of ours notified us that you have libeled us. We are filing a law suit against you today. We will be notifying your university about your ethics.

We will file suit to clear our name. If we file for an injunction, the cost is about $2,500. We'll be seeking compensatory and punitive damages for harassment, malicious libel and/or slander, defamation and tortuous interference. You'll need to pay us about $10,000. You will be forced to appear in Philadelphia Federal District court in a few days. If you don't have the money to pay us, your credit would be ruined for 10 years; and we'd garnish your wages.

Pretty sad state the world is coming to don't you think?


My reply:

Considering I have kept all emails involving our correspondence, I highly doubt you have a legal leg to stand on. The truth will speak for itself and I have no fear of it. A nasty storeowner going out of his way to be rude to a customer who just wanted a bit of help with his order. Unless, I am mistaken, it is still legal to express an opinion regarding the service a business provides. I did so honestly and without malice so others would not have to experience the level of service I received. It was your rash and rude manner that led to this sad conclusion and I must say this is a rather pathetic attempt at intimidation. I also highly doubt that anything you have to say could possibly influence the relations and friendships I have with the fine people I have worked with for almost 10 years. If such a thing were possible I would likely countersue. Another thing, I am not American and if you want to go down the road of legal complications arising from international law go right ahead. I strongly urge you to seek psychiatric help at the first possible opportunity to help you deal with the host of complexes you seem to be suffering from.



Thanks for the warning. I'll never order from that site.


Hahahha they're trying to sue you? Gee, well that's not stereotypical at all.

I hope those scumbag cunts read this. You can come sue me too.


Seconded. Holding somebody else responsible for one's own juvenile, unprofessional demeanor is much worse for PR than anonymous internet slandering. The sad part is, any would-be customers who were put off by this post are probably Biotest devotees who wouldn't have bought from this other site, anyway.


I wouldn't call myself a Biotest devotee just yet. I'm still waiting on my first shipment, but I have high hopes. The only Biotest product I've tried was HOT-ROX and I wasn't particularly impressed, but I may have been spoiled in the past using ECAs.

My last purchase was at a GNC (hiss hiss boo, I know) and I planned to make future purchases online either here or through a discount supplement dealer. Thanks to this informative post it certainly won't be at Supplementmarket.com!