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Avoid Burnout While Pushing Squats & Deadlifts at the Same Time?

Hi Paul,
Been a Fan of your Work for a few years and read about all of your Most important concepts Like strong15 and so on.

I train for general strength and looks and I Always end Up burning Out while pushing squats and even romanian deadlifts only, At the same time.

I’m 28 years old, at a caloric surplus and really try to give my all to my recovery needs, but again and again Run into issues.
Even when i drop the Volume of squats to Just one intense Set and one ligther backoff Set, and do 1 hard Set of 10 on rdls, I have sore and achy legs, and lower Back for over a week when the intensity rises.

I have even tried to do squats and romanian deadlifts on the same day, but as both exercises reach their zenith, they tend to Block Progress on each Other.

Everyone in the industry rates rdls as a lighter deadlift Variation which seems to float Well with heavy squats, but for me they burn me Out Just the Same as Floor pulls.

Would you recommend to do a cycle of strong15, doing squats and regular Floor pulls on one day to See If it suits me better to have shorter strength peaks in both lower Body Lifts? If so, can you do this Routine for a few cycles Back to Back, or is it Just a peaking Routine?
On the upper Body Lifts I can train with near Peak intensity for months and Beat rep-prs every week without any negative consequences. Doing the same for lower Body cripples me…

Thanks in advance Paul!