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Avodart and TRT


Anyone have any luck with Avodart? I have been taking Propecia with no bad sides with my TRT but I need something a little stronger for BPH and hair loss. Any thoughts?


DHT is important for libido and maintenance of the sex organs. You probably need to choose one or the other. Have you tried the medicated shampoos?


Yes and no real help. The hair is part of the reason but the BPH and avoiding surgery in the future is a big driver. I have taken Propecia for years and have a very strong sex drive. I know Avodart blocks more DHT and I was hoping I would still have no issue. From what I read only 3% of people had problems and most of those cleared up. Sounds like you think that it is a bad idea. Taking down my E2 with an AI has helped some. I may just stay the course with that for a while.


yes, E2 is a major factor in BPH.

Oddly, over 8 years of TRT, my PSA has been low and getting lower.

This may be helpful:

You can also take fish oil and anti-oxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects. Some BPH is partly an inflammatory response.

Ejaculation also can address some seminal vessel inflammation that can occur if seminal vessels do not get empties and seminal fluid gets rancid. Not an issue for you!


Focus on increasing your metabolic rate and your testosterone will decrease as it’s being used more efficiently, which will lower your DHT