Avocado In My Diet?

Trying to shed some body fat. Doing Thib’s refined physique program. I need more fat and less carbs. According to nutritiondata.com, an avocado has 17 grams of carbs, but 13 grams of those carbs are fiber and one gram is sugar.

Would it be cool to add a couple avocados in my diet (an extra 60 grams of fat and 26 grams of fiber… Sounds like win)? Or am I wrong in thinking that the fiber in the avocado in effect cancels out the total amount of carbs? BTW, my total daily carbs for 10 days is a total of 55 g/day.

no, you are correct. it is an excellent way to add fat to your diet as per gram of fat it has more fiber and micronutrients and reletively few carbs.

and they taste damn good too.

Yup great choice


avocados are great, but be careful about that 1g sugar thing, that just means it has 1g simple sugars (ie glucose). It has another 3g of complex carbohydrates that still count towards your carb count.

Thanks for the replies, glad to know I was on the right track with my thinking.

Joey, thanks for the complex carb info. I never thought of that.

Avocados rule!!!