Avocado Beats Mayo?

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Ahem… [quote=“Yogi_, post:5, topic:215460”]
There is no universe in which avocado is an acceptable mayo substitute.

I’m sure this is just another issue with Britain’s legendary culinary system. Avocado, simply sliced or as a quick guac, can be awesome on sandwiches or burgers instead of mayo.

Nevermind the better healthy fats, the flavor and texture is more rich and more substantial. But for the record, avocado isn’t a legit alternative to mayo in every case. Tuna salad, egg salad, some things are better with mayo than avo.

Guac and hot homemade/thick salsa are the two best condiments in existence.

This is perverse! Avocado is an ingredient like cheese, meat, etc. Mayo is a condiment. It’s a category error.

You can’t swap out a spreadable condiment for a chunky ingredient! It goes against every law of nature.

It’s like saying instead of bacon in your sandwich you’d have worcester sauce. It’s not right, and it’s not ok.

I always knew there was something not right about you, Colucci.

I’m with Yogi, how is Avocado (which I fucking love by the way) a sub for mayo?

That shit’s wack yo.

Worst. Analogy. Ever. Wait, is this one of those cases where “avocado” means something different in your neck of the woods than it does here? Like aubergine/eggplant, chips/fries or crisps/chips? That’d explain it.

They’re both high fat, creamy “things”. For context, we were originally talking about a turkey club sandwich and I said I’d take avocado instead of mayo. That’s totally reasonable. Really though, I refuse to believe I’m in the minority on this one.

The analogy is perfect! Avocado is not a condiment.

You are alone on this you deviant.

Chipotle mayo is my lord and savior.

I dunno… I guess if you really ground it up basically into guac then it could work.

How about Mayo with avocado oil? Sounds gross to me, but could be good.

It is quite good, in fact.

Not sure if it beats it, but definitely delish. I just put mayo on one side of the bun, bread, tortilla, whatever, and guac on the other. I believe in sharing the love…lol Though i will absolutely agree with the egg salad statement…eeeewwww!! Not THAT dedicated.