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Avocado as a Fat Source?

I’ve recently started adding avacado to my shakes/meals as fat source. I know avacado is categorized as a fruit and the fat is mostly monounsat. no?
I eat low carb/high fat/high protein 7 days a week.

My fat sources are: meat, eggs, nuts, olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed, coconut milk.
I guess my question is how do avacados rank as a fat and/or vitamin/antioxidant source?


Thumbs up on the avocado!

Nutrient Units Value per 100 grams of edible portion
Kcal 161
Protein g 1.98
Total lipid (fat) g 15.32
Carbohydrate, by difference g 7.39
Fiber, total dietary g 5.0

Great food. High in monounsaturated fat and fiber.

Look up the nutrients at

Thanks, great info. I didn’t realize there was that much fiber plus I was just guessing on the portion sizes.

Shoulda mentioned it is spelled “avocado”

because although the USDA Nutrient Database is great, it is picky about spelling.

Smart move, just be aware of the calorie value of avocados. They add up.

Avocado is a winner, eat it up.

More info on why its so good here (from world’s healthiest foods site):

avocados rule. tons of fiber, healthy fats. can’t beat them.