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Avid Queer Eye Watchers

What colour long pants to go with a dark gray buttoned shirt and black street shoes?

Is this a trick question?

Hmmm . . .

Dark shirt/light pants.
Light shirt/Dark pants.

NEVER combine khaki pants and tan shirt unless you want to look like the crocodile hunter!


Good Luck!

Not a trick question, just a bloke with not much sense of fashion.

Black pants. You could do a charcoal grey or another variation of a dark grey. Dark navy blue could work, depending on the shade of gray the shirt is.

DISCLAIMER****I am not a fan of Queer eye…never seen it…I just know how to dress well lol*****

i love it when people use the term “bloke.”

Il Cazzo - I agree - you don’t need to be gay to dress well. But I disagree with the navy pants recommendation because he’s wearing black shoes. Black <> navy.

The answer: Black pants.


Black pants or a deep deep charcoal grey.

Oh, and make sure you’re wearing a black belt as well. I’m not a QEFTSG watcher, but I cringe every time I see someone rocking black shoes and a brown belt.


Yes i agree with the Black pants as well…And I second the black belt,that is horrible when someone just totally mismatches colors,and thinks nobody notices!!

your are going to have to keep the dark tone of colours going, you can’t wear light pants as they will be too overbearing over the rest of your attire and frankly will look out of place, the only real option is black, unless u have another shade of grey for the pants